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LIONSBERG AEC is passionate about bringing into existence the infrastructure that empowers communities to thrive. From moving mountains, to raising valleys, to building roadways, raising dams, and deploying our forces in service of Communities and Environments impacted by disaster, LIONSBERG AEC is a Force for Good. While a lot of work in this industry has historically been done via the antiquated design, then bid, then build (and come in late and over-budget) methodology, a new era is at hand. PLEASE reach out to us early in the process, and allow us to demonstrate the power, efficiency, and time/cost / stress savings that can come from Transparent Co-Creation in Community. We remain passionate about serving in any way we can, but please know we sadly watch millions of dollars of waste and countless delays every month resulting from dis-integrated community / client / designer / construction manager / trade partner / quality control processes. Let us help you keep some of that and show you a better Way. It will make us both smile, and your projects will never be the same.

A new era process

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